not sure if lip fillers are right for you?

Let’s talk about it.

We’ll let you in on a little hint your injectors won’t tell you, and we’ll keep it blunt…


Let’s be honest…we’ve all seen too may botched lip-injections than we’d like to. If you’re wanting to improve you lip health and appearance but are scared of falling victim to “duck-lips” join the club…the Liplase club. It has all the benefits of getting a fuller, healthier, and plumper lip, without any of the tradeoff of injectable. Liplase does not cause bruising, dissolving/spreading, “duck-lips”, or over-filling. It’s safe, healthy, and natural.

Let’s talk about the filler issue. It’s alarming how many clients walk into Bare feeling unhappy with lip fillers they’ve had done elsewhere. And if you’ve had a bad experience with lip fillers, chances are you won’t want to try them again. It can be frustrating because instead of enhancing your lips, it causes more problems.

Lips are a delicate area, and unfortunately, there are still providers out there who don’t fully understand the nuances of lip anatomy. This often leads to poor lip treatments like deformed lips, duck lips, or filler migration. The list goes on. But that’s not all. Lip fillers can be costly, temporary, and they only fill the lips, not treat them.

Still don’t trust me? Good! This is your face we are talking about, you can and SHOULD question, question, question, all the ins and outs of anything you put on or near your body. What is used? How is it done? What are the risks and potential implications? All these questions are important. So let’s get them answered for you!

LipLase uses a revolutionary method to increase volume without any bruises or injections. It enhances color and there’s no downtime involved. Unlike fillers, LipLase actually treats the lips and boosts collagen production, addressing all aspects of lip aging.

At Bare, LipLase is our most popular treatment, loved by both clients and staff. But what exactly is LipLase and how does it work? We have gone over the most important questions regarding the treatment, the Fotona machine used, as well as pre/post treatments steps for you. Find more information here.

Now, let’s compare LipLase and fillers side by side: