Laser hair removal

what you need to know

Contraindications and Precautions

  • Patients on Accutane – Wait 6 months after the completion of Accutane therapy.
  • Tattoos – Wo cannot treat tattooed skin, including decorative, permanent makeup, and radiation port tattoos.
  • Pregnancy – We cannot treat pregnant women 
  • Seizure disorders – We cannot treat patients with a history of light-triggered seizures.
  • Medications – Patients taking daily anticoagulation therapy, iron supplements, herbal supplements such as ginko, ginseng or garlic may bruise more readily.
  • Photosensitizing medications – Medications that induce photosensitivity within or above the 755 nm or 1064 nm wavelength range. Stop the medication if possible for 3-5 days prior to treatment.
  • Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1 & 2 – We cannot treat if active lesion(s) are present within the intended treatment area. Patients with a known history of frequent HSV 1&2 lesions should begin prophylaxis prior to treatment as prescribed by their physician.
  • Active skin infection – We cannot treat areas with open wounds and skin that is actively infected.
  • Implanted medical devices – if you have a Pacemaker, cardioverter, and other implantable devices or fillers, you must consult your physician for clearance prior to treatment.
  • Tanned skin – We cannot treat recently tanned skin. Blisters and hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation may occur. Allow tan to fade prior to treatment. When in doubt, compare the treatment area with limited sun exposure area.

before treatment do’s & don’ts


Day of treatment

• No creams
• No lotions
• No deodorant

2 weeks prior

• No tanning
• No sunburn
• No self tanners
• No tanning beds

• No waxing
• No tweezing
• No depilatory creams
• No bleaching

• No antibiotics
• No Retinol
• No AHA/BHA products
• No hydroquinone
• No Tazorax or Differin

7 days prior

• Avoid UV exposure


Failure to do so may result in scarring, hyper pigmentation and burn. This could lead to the possibility of permanent side effects.

Any of these hair removal methods will render the laser treatment ineffective and COMPROMISE RESULTS. Shaving is the ONLY form of hair removal allowed during treatment in order to achieve good results.

You must inform us if you have been taking antibiotics. We cannot perform treatment until 2 weeks after your last dose. Antibiotics increase your photo sensitivity to the laser and put you at risk for side effects.


• Shave
• You may trim
• Clean the area

For best results, preform these actions the day of your laser hair removal appointment.



• Pregnant Women
• Over Tattoos
• Epileptic Patients


We cannot treat tattooed skin, including decorative, permanent makeup, and radiation port tattoos. We also cannot treat pregnant women or those with a history of triggered seizures.