Our Classic Facial is tailored to treat skin concerns such as skin congestion, lack of radiance, skin sensitivity, fine lines, and loss of firmness. You’ll enjoy a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and extractions. And total relaxation.


The Hydrofacial is an aqua skin resurfacing treatment that integrates vacuum extraction, exfoliation, hydration and iontophoresis (serum infusion). The procedure uses crushed diamond tips as a method of exfoliating the first the outermost skin layer, with a surface composed mostly of dead skin cells, to reveal beautiful, glowing skin.


We chose ROSE DE MER because it is a 100% natural professional peel designed to leave skin looking young and healthy. Featuring an innovative combination of marine plants, minerals, salts, vitamins and algae, it addresses a variety of skin conditions, and is suitable for a wide range of skin types and ages. Safely and effectively triggers a chain reaction of cell turnover, securing maximal anti-inflammatory protection and reduction of PIH in minimal time. Potent natural ingredients added to the formulas maximize treatment benefits.

ROSEDEMER calms, soothes and corrects damage, leading to rehabilitated and improved skin quality.

Safe and scientifically tested, ROSEDEMER achieves effective peeling results, unlike known invasive, chemical treatments. ROSEDEMER promotes easy desquamation. Rubbing marine silicates into the skin microtraumatizes it and prompts a natural rejuvenation process without any side effects. Unlike most chemical alternatives, ROSEDEMER control speeling depth through varied degrees of pressure when rubbed into skin. Following the peeling process, the moisture reservoir is replenished, collagen fibers are repaired and strengthened, leading to an overall improved epidermal structure. ROSEDEMER prepares the skin for the optimal absorption of active ingredients. It can be used to compliment professional treatments that target specific skin conditions such as acne, acne damage, hyper pigmentation and aging skin, causing them to work faster, more effectively and ensuring the results achieved are long lasting.


  • Rejuvenates.
  • Improves skin texture, elasticity and tone evenness.
  • Treats acne and moderates sebum levels.
  • Improves blood circulation and oxygenation.
  • Lightens hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.
  • Eliminates surface residues, including dead or damaged skin cells.
  • Brings skin to its optimal state for enhanced active ingredient penetration.
    Prevents comedones from reappearing.
  • Reverses photo damage, solar and senile keratoses.


Rose de Mer safely and effectively triggers a complete natural skin peel by mimicking the body’s natural inflammation process. Any injury of the body goes through a series of stages called calor (heat), dolor (pain) and rubor (redness) to stimulate healing. Rose de Mer artificially triggers these stages through a directed micro-trauma to all of the skin layers. As a result, blood flow to the area increases, the collagen matrix is repaired, and cell regeneration is initiated.

Using millions of miniature, marine botanicals, Rose de Mer naturally lifts the skin from the inside out. Coral silicates with powerful oligo proteins, sea salt and calcium enter cells to deliver minerals and nutrients. Vigorous manual massage micro-traumatizes the skin, stimulating blood flow and creating an intense sensation of heat.
Increased heat, blood and oxygen combined with the antioxidant formulas naturally regenerate collagen and elastin fibers for a natural repairing and lifting effect.

Rose de Mer stimulates the traditional calor, dolor and rubor reactions to micro-traumatize skin on multiple layers and re-stimulate the production of collagen and elastin for optimal skin rejuvenation and healing.