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Arrival/Pre-Appointment General Questions

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Fotona General FAQ

What machine do you use for Fotona treatments?

Fotona 4D Facelift

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Fotona LipLase

Why is LipLase a better treatment to achieve fuller lips than injectables (i.e fillers & botox)?

Does LipLase cause unnatural looking results such as “duck lips”?

What issues does LipLase target?

If LipLase targets the issue of collagen loss, then is it only effective for someone older with more significant collagen loss?

Can LipLase help fix my blurred vermillion border?

How many sessions will I need for the LipLase and how often can I get treatment?

How often can I get LipLase?

Fotona Smooth Eye Treatment

How many sessions will I need for Smooth Eye Treatment?

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Membership Questions

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Why do you not offer cool sculpting?

At Bare, our primary focus is on providing safe treatments that promote a healthy approach to beauty. We prioritize the well-being of our patients above all else. There have been multiple instances where patients have experienced body disfigurement with Coolsculpting, which is why we consider it unsafe and high-risk. While this procedure is meant to reduce fat, it can sometimes have the opposite effect, causing fat to grow, harden, and become stuck or “lodged”. We only offer services and procedures that we are completely confident are safe and effective.

Instead of Coolsculpting, we provide an alternative treatment called L-Sculpt. It is a non-invasive treatment that focuses on muscle strengthening and toning. In just 30 minutes, it can deliver the equivalent of 20,000 squats or sit ups. Scientific studies have proven that L-Sculpt can reduce fat by up to 16% and increase muscle mass by up to 19%!

What makes L-Sculpting a better approach than cool sculpting?

Unlike Coolsculpting, L-Sculpting does not pull, tug, numb, or bruise areas during treatment. Additionally, Cool-Sculpting can only target areas of fat that are “pinchable” and can be vacuumed into an applicator. In contrast, L-Sculpting is able to target all areas of fat. How? It utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to induce strong muscle contractions, primarily in the abdominal and buttocks areas, building and toning muscles. Scientific studies have proven that it can reduce fat by up to 16% and increase muscle mass by up to 19%. The results are impressive, and most importantly, the treatment is safe!

What if I can’t find the service I’m looking for on your site?

Please give us a call or book a consultation so that we can discuss your wants/needs and the most appropriate service(s) that offer to best address your concerns!